How To Stop Sweating Through Your Shirt

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If you’re curious how to stop sweating through your shirts or clothes, you may find this interesting.

Here’s an email from a reader in search of a sweat proof undershirt, or at least one that would prevent sweat-through more than his cotton undershirts.


I am glad I found someone I can ask about T Shirts.

how-to-stop-sweating-through-your-shirtI sweat very easily and live in Houston Texas which is humid. My white T Shirts always get yellow brown under arms.

In addition, I like to dance and cannot dance more than a couple of songs before my 100% normal cotton V neck t-shirt fills up and comes through the back and the front.


I do not care about coming through on the sleeves.

I need the best deep V neck for sweating under arms plus the front and back when dancing to absorb the sweat and not come through the clothing.

I love to wear very stylist shirts and leave two two buttons undone. I need long neck plus a wide tailored around neck not to show.

I have deep V necks but you can see them on my neck near collar.

What do you recommend? Bamboo or bamboo mix or what?

I would need to buy at least 10. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Thank you, Mark

How To Stop Sweating Through Your Shirts

tug-in-jeans-8a.pngheya mark,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

looks like you have two issues you’re trying to address:

  1. prevent getting yellow/brown stains in your underarm area
  2. find a deep v-neck undershirt with all-over protection, so you stop sweating through your shirts

Prevent Getting Underarm Stains

for #1, the best way to prevent getting those stains in your underarm area are:

a. don’t use antiperspirant – probably not practical since you sweat a lot and are likely using it to help minimize sweat

b. use a stronger antiperspirant – check out this video (link) and read through all the comments too. in addition to sweatblock antiperspirant, there are several recommendations of stronger antiperspirants like certain dri, drysol, odaban, axitrans, hypercare, driclor, sweat zero, etc.

that said, you can clean the underarm area of your shirts with products like deo-go, or you can make your own deodorant removing solution at home.

Undershirt with All-Over Protection

for #2, the only brand that offers an undershirt with all-over production, and that has a deep v-neck, is sutran.

kleinerts offers an undershirt with semi-all-over protection, but i’ve heard mixed reviews about how well the fabric repels sweat in the body areas that do not have the extra padding. their undershirts with pads in the underarm work pretty well in protecting sweat through in the underarm area from what i hear though.

there are several other brands offering undershirts for hyperhidrosis but they all have protection only in the underarm area.

there’s a new brand making an undershirt with all-over-protection called nano-dri, but it’s not going to be available until mid 2016.

as far as fabric blend, rayon (from bamboo, or other wood sources. also referred to as viscose) generally performs better than traditional cotton, but i’ve heard & read that tencel has a superior moisture management performance.

i have not compared tencel to rayon/viscose from a sweat-through performance point of view, but if you sweat quite a bit, you still may sweat through undershirts made with those fabrics.

hope the above information helps!

good luck and keep me posted on what you buy/try and what you think of it (:

Not Hyperhidrosis Undershirts

Mark emailed me back and clarified what he was looking for.

I do not sweat too much under the arm pits.

what I am looking for is a t-shirt to wear when I am dancing so the sweat does not soak through as fast as when I wear cotton t-shirts.

what do you recommend for that?

I want a deeper v-neck with wider on shoulders and lower around neck not to show when I have two buttons undone?

Deep V-Neck Highly Absorbent Undershirts

tug-in-jeans-8a.pngheya mark,

honestly, it’s hard to tell whether or not a “typical” undershirt with a different fabric will prevent sweat-through better than one with 100% cotton.

there are many factors involved, such as fabric weight, fabric blend, fit, etc.

based on technical specs, micromodal (and promodal) is 4x more absorbent that cotton, so you could try that.

rayon from bamboo is said to have wicking and absorbing characteristics, so that could be an option.

tencel is said to have the best moisture transport mechanism compared to cotton, micromodal, and rayon, so a tencel undershirt could perform better for you as well.

whether or not they do prevent sweat-through, in your specific situation, can only be determined if you buy a few different types and try them.

i would stay away from undershirts with large amounts (70%+) of polyester or nylon/polyamide because those are wicking fabrics, and you’ll likely sweat through more than with anything above.

as for deep v-neck, most of the brands that have products with the above fabrics have a deep v-neck option, such as:

  1. rayon from bamboo – mr. davis, thompson tee (underarm pads)
  2. micromodal or promodal – calvin klein, collected threads, tommy john, underfit, ribbedtee, sloane men, etc.
  3. tencel – ribbedtee, naked

another option is to pick a blend like a tri-blend (cotton, rayon, polyester) which would absorb + wick sweat, and dry faster than other fabrics like cotton & micromodal.

my recommendation would be to pick one from each of the above lists, and see how they work out for you.

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  1. Matt


    I disagree, he should try a 100% polyester fabric. He might sweat through it faster, but it will dry very quickly. Once a 100% cotton absorbs sweat, it remains wet all night…unless he stops dancing for a couple hours.

    • Tug says:

      well, we’ll agree to disagree (:

      if he sweats through to his outer shirt, a polyester undershirt may dry faster, but his outer shirt will still have sweat marks and may take a long while to dry.

      he’s trying to prevent getting visible sweat marks on his outer shirt, so i was providing some recommendations on how to prevent that (:

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