Guys: How To Hide Puffy Nipples

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ribbedtee-cubeGot puffy nipples? This article is brought you by RibbedTee, a skin-friendly apparel brand offering premium fitted undershirts that help hide/mask puffy nipples.  Look better & feel more confident!

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For most guys, having puffy nipples sucks. It’s one of those body “conditions” that can leave men of all ages very self-conscious in and out of clothes.


In fact, even men who are in really good shape, or even those who body build can struggle with and want to get rid of puffy nipples.

Note: That thread over at started way back in 2006 and has nearly 5 pages of fantastic dialog among men young and old, who had either puffy nipples or gyne, and all looking for advice on how to get rid of them. 

With the rise in popularity of Men’s Slimming Undershirts and Compression Undershirts over the last 4 years, us guys can at least have some temporary relief so that we feel more confident in our clothes.

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Here’s an email from a reader, looking for a tank top style undershirt that will offer chest flattening to mask his mild puffy nipples:

Hi, Just wondering what you would recommend for very mild puffy nipples?

I’m in very good shape, I go to the gym regularly but have slightly puffy nipples that poke threw my shirts.

I have been taping them down with electrical tape but i can only wear dark shirts or shirts with writing because the tape shows through the shirt. I know that’s not the healthiest so i want to see what other options I have.

I use muscle shirts under my Tees everyday but without tape my nipples poke through.

I’m thinking of buying a compression under shirt.  Something that would look like a wife beater. I like to wear v-necks so I’m looking for a low cut under shirts.

I just need something that will press my nipples down. my concerns with compresion under shirts are,

  1. they are obvious aka not natural looking
  2. to tight and not comfortable
  3. makes me look to thin taking away my chest muscle look
  4. hard to take off and put on
  5. they all look extremely long, every undershirt i see looks like they would hang out the bottom of most shirts . I buy my wife beaters small so they don’t hang out because i cant stand tucking my undershirts in all the time

Anyways i really hope you can help because taping my nipples is not the healthiest and i want to be able to wear plain white shits, or golf shirts.

How To Hide Puffy Nipples (with Undershirts) – My Response

heya shawn,

ok, finally i have a couple minutes to offer up some suggestions (:

first about length — there is no short slimming/shaping undershirt. so if you want something shorter, you’ll have to have it hemmed to your length preference.

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  1. Jake


    I am 13 and in great shape and have a big build and I am tall mine are at eye level to everyone in my school and having muscular pex are attractive but I don’t think so with hard nipples. So I either need to do something to stop them or cut them off because I get made fun of at at school like cover those up before you poke someone’s eye out or like trying to turn on the ladies?

    • Tug says:

      heya jake,

      good to hear from you kiddo and thanks for posting your comment here.

      first, please don’t suggest cutting off your nipples — that’s not a good or healthy solution. but, i understand your frustration, so here are some options for you to consider.

      i think you have a few immediate options to help hide your hard nipples:

      1. wear a compression shirt. not something from walmart or a sports store. those are usually too thin. you should checkout the products from and ask your mom or dad to buy you one of them.

      2. search amazon for “nipple covers”. most are for women, but if your issue is urgent enough, just use those for the time being. the other option is to go to google, search for that term but use your zip code in the search.

      example search:
      “nipple covers” near me
      “nipple covers” near 42123

  2. Walaeddine


    It’s normal to have puffy nipples my nipples are puffy too but its normal i dont care

  3. hank


    I think puffy nipples are great I have big nipples and proud of it I didn’t ask for it but what I have is all mine and I don’t want anyone to try to take it away from me people should be proud of what they have you could have one nipple on your dick and one on your forehead you need to like what you have and where there are

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I promise you'll enjoy reading the rest of this article. If you're not 100% satisfied, just unsubscribe at anytime. Sound good??
I promise you'll enjoy reading the rest of this article. If you're not 100% satisfied, just unsubscribe at anytime. Sound good??