White T-Shirt Photo Series: Hanes Premium T-shirts

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guest-postThe Hanes t-shirt has always been a staple in many guy’s wardrobe as an overall, good value t-shirt. I refer to them along with some other basic brands as the good “boy next door” work tee.

They do a fine job doing what t-shirts are meant to do, be a fine first layer. When it gets warmer a guy could slip his shirt off and work in the garage, around the house or where ever and look just fine.

After a few washings the shirts got that “lived in” look and were soft and comfortable. However, to slip one of these work t-shirts on with some jeans and go to a movie or hang out with friends, they did not make the grade.

Several years ago Hanes added a Premium line of t-shirts and I noticed these shirts had a much better look and feel plus by themselves they looked much better.

The fabric is a better quality than the regular t-shirt and I like the way it lays on the body. These Premium tees have nice sleeve lengths, the necks look great and the tee looks good after several washings.

Hanes added to this Premium line and now they have “Premium Stretch” and a “Premium Slim Fit”. I have used both of these new shirts with guys and find they look really good and the guys tell me they feel great.

In the photos I am featuring the “Hanes Premium Slim Fit”. On their own they look great, I have seen guys wear them performing on stage and of course they are a great base layer for an open shirt, a vest or blazer and compliment your casual look.

Hanes Premium Slim Fit Photos


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Paul Nixdorf Photography offers a full-service professional photography studio, conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis. Paul also loves taking photos of men's white t-shirts! His extensive background in studio and location photography, coupled with his commitment to quality and efficient customer service, have helped attract a solid base of corporate clients.

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  1. Branden Williams


    I really love the Hanes shirts, but I must have an oddly shaped torso. I can’t keep them tucked in, they are just too short! The sleeves are perfect length, however. The tall sizes will not fit me as well as they don’t have a 40″ chest size. I’m wondering if you have something that feels like the same quality but with a longer body?

    • Tug says:

      hey branden, thanks for stopping by and posting your question.

      just so you know, this is a resource site, not a site that sells undershirts. but, maybe i can help you find something.

      generally speaking, a 40″ chest size is considered a size large undershirt/t-shirt. are you saying that you can’t find a size large/tall hanes undershirt? how tall are you?

      also, how long are your existing hanes undershirts, measuring from where the collar&shoulder meet to the bottom?

      hit me back with that info, and let me see if i can help you track down an undershirt that will work for you.

      • Branden Williams


        Thanks for your note! I typically like a Medium shirt because i like it to be form fitting with sleeves that are not too long. I am looking at the RibbedTee brands now. I’d need to go measure the Hanes ones (I don’t have one handy, but I ordered Hanes Classics Slim Fit White Crewneck Undershirt CST1W3 M). It fits great everywhere but is too short on my torso.

        Thanks for your help! Love your site. I’m trying all kinds of shirts now to figure out what I want to move to.

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