Is Hanes Taking the “Comfort” Messaging Too Far?

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I’ve been meaning to mention this before, but I was reminded of it on a recent trip to Target.

While I was perusing the aisles to see what undershirt products Target had in stock, I saw two older women who spent no less than 20 minutes in the Hanes section. They were pulling down the packs of undershirts, feeling them, and then quietly discussing in another language.

My best guess is that they were looking for some undershirts for their men, but were trying to figure out which ones might be the softest. Considering the amount of time they spent there, it’s obvious they were a little confused and having a tough time figuring out which undershirts to purchase.

On a closer look, I took an inventory of the different Hanes undershirt offerings available, and the messaging on the packaging.

Here’s what I found:

Premium “Perfect T” (I thought these were discontinued?)
$11.99 2-pack
White, black, grey heather
V-Neck, Crew Neck
“Our Most Comfortable” messaging


Premium T-shirt 
“Our Most Comfortable” messaging
3-Pack for $12.49

Value Pack
Comfort Guarantee
$13.49 for 5-pack

Comfort Flex
95/5 blend
$13.99 for 2 pack

Comfort Blend
Our Softest T-Shirt Ever
More durable and shrinks less than 100% cotton
50/50 Cotton/Polyester blend
Around $14 for 2-pack
Actually very soft, and a very nice product for the price. I will be reviewing these before the end of the year.

See all the different “comfort”-type messaging? Which one is the most comfortable, if  all the packages say they are the most comfortable?

Are the undershirts in the Premium T-shirt 3-pack the same as the 5-Pack value pack? Why would I pick the “Perfect T” 100% cotton undershirts over the “Premium” 100% cotton undershirts?

I appreciate the value Hanes offers, but if I’m confused about their product line, wouldn’t other people be too?

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  1. Valeria


    Why doesn’t Hanes make a women’s comfortblend? It is the most comfortable t-shirt I have ever worms.

    • Tug says:

      hey valeria, who knows why hanes does the things they do or don’t do (:

      while the hanes comfortsoft (50/50 cotton/poly) is soft, i’ve definitely worn much softer undershirts/t-shirts than that one!

  2. Woossy


    Soft, comfortable t-shirts are important to me as I wear one almost 365 days a year. I’ve tried the Jockey line, JC Penny’s Stafford line, and now the Hane’s ‘Our Most comfortable’ premium 100% cotton. Have washed them and find they seem to shrink very little. Their comfort is very good and the price was decent at Target.

  3. Reticuli


    I think the Perfect T branding also originally just said on the back it was their best quality cotton, or something. Heavyweight and dense. I seem to remembers something about them searching for the best quality cotton and delivering it to us. I don’t recall it going on and on about comfort or softness. I suspect those are marketing lines to cover up the fact they are using cheaper material.

  4. Reticuli


    Too much estrogen in their water supply, I guess. Turning men into a bunch of wussies. I saw someone complaining on Amazon that the new junk isn’t soft enough. Good lord.

  5. Nam says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying the new Hanes selection and want to address something I’ve noticed. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    -The premium is much softer than the regular Hanes shirts.
    -“soft” is also considered the premium because they’re changing the packaging as well as the product names.
    -The “blend” consists of polyester and cotton that provides moisture wicking.

    They’ve also introduced a “modern fit” that includes stretch, slim, and power slim.
    -“flex” is the stretch fit that has cotton and spandex which includes moisture wicking.
    -“slim” is the slim fit that has cotton and polyester.
    -“power slim” is the power slim fit that has cotton and spandex and is a compression type fit. Hanes website reviews show the shirt is extremely tight so ordering a size up should be considered.

  6. Byron G.


    Hey Tug, I agree that the Hanes advertising is confusing. I too have been disappointed by some of their products in the past. Having said that, on my last trip to Target I noticed some new Hanes products and I decided to give them a shot.

    I purchased the Hanes ComfortBlend V-Neck 3 pack ($11.99) and the Hanes ComfortBlend Premium (Softest T-Shirt Ever) V-Neck 3 pack ($15.99), both 50% Cotton/50%Polyester. Seems redundant, but I wanted to have a closer look at both sets of shirts and see what the deal is with the different messaging.

    On the packaging, the ComfortBlend (non-premium) shows a higher V-Neck, while the packaging on the ComfortBlend Premium shows a deeper V-Neck. This was the opposite once I got the shirts out of the packaging at home. The non-premium shirts had more of a relaxed fit while the premium shirts were more form fitting. The material of the premium was significantly softer when compared to the non-premium.

    I wore one of the premium shirts for an entire day and I found it to be very comfortable. I then washed this shirt to put the shape retention claim to the test and was pleasantly surprised when it actually retained its shape! I was expecting it to shrink based previous experience with Hanes products but this was not the case.

    These shirts fit better than the last set of 2(X)ist undershirts which cost about twice as much. I would definitely recommend them. I can’t say I’ve had yellowing issues with Hanes undershirts specifically as the previous post stated, in my experience this has been due to the type and amount of deodorant I was using at the time. Let’s hope this is the beginning of an upward trend in design/quality for Hanes undershirts.

    • hey byron, i totally agree with you here and i’m glad you stopped by to comment.

      as you likely saw in the article above, i picked up a package of the premium comfortblend undershirts. although i have not had time to write up a review, this 50/50 product from hanes is a real winner in my book. it’s super soft, breathes well, fits nice, and has a very reasonable price point.

      i definitely plan to do a review on this product, because i have a feeling it’s going to find it’s way into my top 5 list. i just hope hanes does not discontinue these prematurely.

      thanks again for sharing your thoughts and the information!

      • Byron G.


        Hey Tug, correction to my original comment, the premium shirts I purchased were the ones you have pictured; Hanes Premium Comfortblend: “Our Most Comfortable”. Wouldn’t want to confuse or mislead anyone reading this thread :)

          • michael


            Are these still available at target? I can’t find them on the website.

          • michael, last time i went to target which was about a week ago, they were available. they aren’t in the main hanes display area, they are on an aisle end-cap.

            couldn’t say whether or not they were ever available on though. it’s likely it’s an in-store product only.

          • JeansandTshirtsEveryDay


            Today at Target, I had the same issue…I thought Perfect-T was discontinued, I do like:

            Premium T-shirt
            “Our Most Comfortable” messaging
            3-Pack for $12.49

            They are much thicker than just basic comfort soft and felt much softer as well. My only dilemma is the white and black come in 100% cotton, the grey seems to be 75/25 and i don’t like the way they feel, I found one pack (worng size of course) that was grey and 100% cotton so there is still hope. I will hit up a few more places in search of the elusive 100% cotton Grey Premium T, I didn’t see any of the 95/5 I would try that as well.

          • got it! keep me posted @jeans…lemme know what you find out.

  7. Phil Galiano


    Hanes is the only brand I will not buy! They turn yellow very quickly, two,three washings. Nothing like having a white T shirt with a yellow tinge. They don’t even make good car wash rags!

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