Gildan Platinum Undershirt Review (Gildan White T-Shirts)

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Back in September of last year, I got word that Gildan had introduced a line of undershirts and underwear at Walmart.

More recently Gildan’s PR team reached out to me to share news of their new retail brand of undershirts & underwear and also shared some underwear & undershirt videos which reenact some of their blind fabric tests:

You may not be familiar with the Gildan name, but take a look at your t-shirts, and there’s bound to be a Gildan label among them for the shirt you received for running a race or walking along a pub crawl.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of t-shirts (half-billion annually), Gildan has branched out to create a retail brand of underwear, and it did so knowing that it had to pull down the pants of the two big names in briefs: Hanes and Fruit of the Loom.

Gildan conducted a blind fabric preference test to see which underwear cotton consumers liked best. Obviously, Gildan underwear came out on top, otherwise we wouldn’t have created the two commercials below:

* Jumping
* Handpick

Gildan Premium vs. Platinum Product Lines

One thing I wanted to point first, is that the Gildan Platinum Undershirts I tested and am writing about here are different from the Gildan Premium Undershirts they offer at Walmart.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two:

Gildan Platinum Gildan Premium
5 or 6 pack 4 or 5 pack
$28.00 $9.97
100% Premium Ringspun Cotton 100%  Cotton
Tagless Tagless
Model: G1100PLMDWHTP6 Model: GIL11002XWHTP4W
Model: GIL1100SMWHTP5W
UPC: 883096195276 UPC: ?
Cotton USA Branded Unknown

Not exactly sure why the brand is offering different pack sizes of Gildan undershirts for the same price, but clearly there is a difference between the Gildan Premium Line (Walmart) and Platinum Line (what I received) based on the big price difference.

My guess is that the Gildan Premium Undershirts (and Underwear) are made with carded cotton and the Platinum Undershirts (and Underwear) are made with combed cotton, which is softer and smoother than carded cotton. Also, the Platinum Undershirts are branded with Cotton USA which means the undershirts are made with at least 50% USA-grown cotton. Not sure that alone would justify the $2 per undershirt versus $4.66 per undershirt price difference, but maybe.

The other thing I found unusual was that the Gildan Plantinum Undershirts and Underwear could only be purchased at three online retailers, (a) Kohls, (b) Amazon and (b) Boscov’s. Also, all these websites are selling them at a 30% – 40% off discount. When I see discounts that deep, I automatically think the undershirt line is in the process of being discontinued. Dunno what to make of it, but I guess time will tell.

Gildan Platinum T-Shirt Photos


The Good

  • Overall good fit. Cut slimmer so it’s not too boxy fitting and not too loose or too tight either
  • Good first wearing impression — fabric feels good right out of the package. Very little scratchiness
  • Cotton stretches nicely so the undershirt doesn’t feel to tight even though it’s closer fitting
  • Proper longer length for tucking
  • Sleeve length is about as good as you can get. Not too short and not too long. Will not give you sleeve sprouts
  • Crew neck fits close, but not tight fitting
  • Seamless / tubular body. No side seams
  • Construction looks good and shoulder taping adds a nice finishing touch

The Not So Good

  • On close inspection, the surface of the fabric has a bunch of tiny balls on it (pills / pilling), though, these may wash off after a few launderings
  • Sleeve opening / width is a hair wide
  • Doesn’t actually stay tucked. While I noted above the undershirt is longer for tucking, when I wore it for the the day, it really didn’t stay tucked. To be honest, it wasn’t really a big deal that it came untucked a bit, but I thought I’d mention it
  • Unknown: How deep the v-neck is. I only tested crew neck, but in the photos above, the v-neck does not look too deep. Which means, that the collar line would be visible with a couple buttons of your outside shirt undone (assuming it had buttons ofcourse)

Final Thoughts

Honestly, even at $4.66 per undershirt, you really can’t go wrong with this well fitting and good feeling undershirt. The fact that you can get them, at least for now, for $3.33 each or lower, makes this an amazing value that you really shouldn’t pass up.

I’d recommend heading on over to one of those online stores I mentioned above and stock up on this very respectable value-price undershirt.

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  1. Evan


    After randomly buying the Platinum shirts for the first time, I loved them so much that I ordered as many as I could possibly afford, just in case they stopped selling them. It’s my perfect white undershirt that I wear virtually 24/7 :)

    (I did like Banana Republic’s shirt more, but for…$30?…a pop, no thanks)

  2. T-shirt


    I bought both lines of Gildan t-shirts and hate them both. The sleeve and bottom hem are too thin and never lay flat. The sleeves are too short. I think this shirt is design around a more portly person. The worst of all is the fabric.

    • Tug says:

      heya t, thanks for stopping by and commenting about your gildan undershirt experience.

      can i ask — are you trying to wear them as t-shirts (alone) or undershirts (underneath a shirt)?

      because, an undershirt should have shorter sleeves, be cut longer, and be thinner than an t-shirt.

  3. Lou


    Thanks for the info. One of my t-shirt printers will soon be replacing their Gildan with Fruit of the Loom. What are your thoughts on this? I advertise and use American Apparel and Gildan. I feel that most customers view Fruit of the Loom as an undershirt or underwear rather than as a true tee. This particular printer company informed me that Fruit of the Loom was much higher in quality than Gildan. Your feedback will be appreciated.

    Thanks, Lou

    • Tug says:

      heya lou, thanks for stopping by and posting your question about fruit of the loom tees.

      so, fotl has a “blanks” (or decorated apparel) division/team just like gildan, hanes, etc. the garments / tees that they sell though that group are thicker than the items (tees) they sell as undershirts in major chains around the world.

      generally speaking there is a difference between t-shirts and undershirts. the main differences are that undershirts are lighter and longer than t-shirts.

      anything over 150gsm and cut shorter would likely be considered a guys t-shirt. though, that’s not a hard fast rule, it’s just a general observation.

      oh, also — i checked out your website. pretty funny man — seems like you’re pretty good with photoshop (:

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