Funkybod Muscle Enhancing Undershirt

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Note: Lots of folks wondering what I think of Funkybod. Check out the information at the bottom of this article!

Call me strange, but I get really excited when I come across or learn about new undershirt products.

Suffice it to say, I was near ecstatic when I happened onto the Funkybod Muscle Enhancing padded undershirt recently!

I was excited mostly because I’ve had a handful of readers looking for a padded undershirt (that will make them look bigger), like this guy who wrote me back in November:

Hey Undershirt Guy,

I saw an article a few months back about padded undershirts ( and was curious to know if you had seen any updates on this. I’m an already-skinny guy who’s had surgery in the recent past, and I’ve ended up losing quite a bit of weight. Rather than get more looks on the street like I’ve broken out of a labor camp, I was looking shirts like this up.

Any ideas?


I also received an email not too long ago who was trying to get in contact with Greg Cross, a guy who used to put together some home-made padded undershirts about 4 years ago.

Problem was there were no other folks making padded undershirts and Greg Cross was no where to be found. Funkybod to the rescue!

Funkybod Padded Undershirt Features


  • Chest plates giving a pumped look
  • Shoulder plates to give a broader look
  • Bicep plates giving bigger biceps
  • Tricep plates giving bigger triceps
  • Lats plates to enhance the lats
  • Feels realistic to the touch
  • Looks and feels like a T-shirt, designed to be worn as an under garment. Shortened sleeves so as not to be visible when worn under a shirt with cuffs
  • Fabric: Viscose from Bamboo
  • Price: £49.95 ($75.01 USD) — Price is now £29.99 ($48.48 USD) + P&P
  • Shipping Cost to US: Unknown

The $75 price tag is pretty steep, but it’s comparable in price to some higher-end compression/slimming undershirts.

Seems like a reasonable price to pay for a product like this, especially considering you probably will likely purchase one or two and just wear them on the occasions where you want look a little beefier.


Maybe I’ll be able to get my hands on one of these puppies in the not-too-distant future and I can let everyone know what I think.

10/18/13 – Update

Readers are writing in wondering what I think of Funkybod…

Hey Tug! I need help with the following: Is the Funkybod shirt worth the money?

My Response

thanks for stopping by my site and for sending in your question!

i will say that being “worth the money” is highly subjective, but the funkybod undershirt does exactly what it says it does.

i mentioned some of that in this article:

i have the black one, and while i don’t personally need it to look bigger, i can say that the shirt is comfortable, looks to be pretty decent quality, fairly lightweight, and does provide the illusion of additional bulk/muscles when i’ve worn it. note the stuff about the sleeve length in the above article which limits you to wearing longer sleeved shirts.

if you’re looking for an undershirt to make you look bigger, i think you’d be pretty happy with funkybod.

A follow-up Question

Are the shirts cut small? I’m concerned with the arms, I don’t want them to slide up while I’m wearing it. Are they snug enough if I need a large undershirt?

My Response

So I just re-tried on my funkybod undershirt to refresh my memory of the fit.

here’s what i noticed:

  1. my medium sized funkybod is form fitting everywhere, including the arm
  2. i pulled the sleeve up my forearm until i felt it was close enough fitting that it would not slip around. at that point my forearm measures 9.5″ around. that’s a size medium, so a small would be tighter. meaning, if your biceps are larger than around 9″ around, the funkybod undershirt sleeve should fit ok and not move around
  3. the shirt fits well, but has a slight itchiness to it. nothing that would keep me from buying it if i needed something like it, and that itchiness may very well go away after a few washes
  4. it’s a little on the short side, so it doesn’t have a lot length to tuck in like a typical undershirt. though, that could be by design too based on how people would wear it.

hope that additional information helps!

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  1. Eirik Mirhaug


    I bought products both from funkybod and clotheswithmuscles. Best things ever. I like cwm more because they have products for the lower body too. Anyway, both are best

    • Tug says:

      heya eirik — can you send pictures of both your funkybod and cwm tops? i’d love to see the difference side by side.

      or just send separate photos and i can put them side by side.

      thanks (:

      ## note: i have suspicion that “eirik” may be affiliated with clotheswithmen, so please keep that in mind when reviewing the above comment)

  2. Adam


    This undershirt is fantastic and I do not regret buying it at all. The difference though is not subtle ( I wore a coat and many layers for a month telling everyone I was working out before I put the shirt on). then, the outcome was impressively realistic, one must remember though to wear somewhat thick clothes and LONG SLEEVE jumpers. I wear it every day, not even my family know!

  3. Jayce


    Hi just wondering if those guys (FunkyBod) are still in business and wether they actually have the items in stock as opposed to back ordering. thanks in advance

    • heya jayce — off hand i couldn’t tell you exactly whether or not funkybod is still in business or if they have items in stock, but in looking at their new website, it would appear so. i don’t see any messages of items being out of stock when going to select different sizes or colors.

      have you attempted to purchase from them recently? have you been to their site? let me know because i can send an email to one of the owners and find out more.

  4. jose


    i life in colombia, how i can to buy it

  5. jose


    hello, i life in colombia, how i can to buy the funkybod??

  6. Mike


    I was one of the suckers who bought this when it was initially priced at $50. I paid the currency conversion fees and hefty shipping to the U.S., I just wanted to see what it was like. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment. I would strongly advise readers to think twice about buying this product.

    First, think think think! Think about what you are buying. The most obvious question is: Will people who see you without this shirt see you with this shirt? Ask yourself that question, and if so, then those people are bound to notice the odd change in your appearance and the whole point of the undershirt becomes, well, pointless. Unless you wear this shirt EVERY time you see these people and never take your shirt off, you are bound to prompt an awkward question eventually: “Gee, you know, so did you gain 20 pounds of muscle last night?”

    Second, and now I assume that you passed the first question and are ONLY planning on wearing this shirt to one-time events to impress people who rarely see you (which is again the only reason to wear this shirt or buy it in the first place), ask yourself how transparent the material is on the outershirt that you will be wearing overtop this undershirt. Unless your outershirt is extremely thick or dark colored, there will inevitably be one (it only takes one!) lighting situation in which people will be able to see through your outer shirt for a second. They might not be able to see the actual stiching of the pads, but they will be able to see the odd, non-skin-looking unevenness of the padding (like cotton bunches/dimples/snags that inevitably occur in real life). The human eye is extremely perceptive. I could see small flaws just swaying the shirt around in my bedroom while walking back and forth in front of the mirror, and I knew instantly that it would not stand the test of real sunlight, thousands of different light angles, or hours of moving around/sweating/stretching.

    Lastly, I add that the quality of the stiching of the pads seems poor. My shirt ripped in two small spots on the second wear, and it was unusable after the fourth wash. Overall, I was constantly mentally afraid of the undershirt and its flaws being visible through my overshirt. I think the idea is great, but it’s going to take someone who develops a truly skin-like padded shirt (made of silk or spandex or something) so that it perfectly suctions to the skin. As a cotton undershirt, well, cotton just cannot look like skin under the pressure of hours of real life movement and lighting.

    Based on my experience, this “Funkybod Muscle Enhancing Undershirt” is a novelty that sounds great in concept but doesn’t actually work in real life. I had $70 to waste on a gamble, but that $70 is now in some landfill. Just my honest review!

  7. brendon


    I can’t believe no1 has invented this yet, ladies have got their fake butt panties but nothing for skinny men to fit in a bit easier.. hmmm maybe i found my millions?

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