Clothing For Hyperhidrosis?

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Here’s a question from a reader who was curious about what options there may be available in sweat-through proof shirts:

I am searching for some good business shirts rather than just under shirts.

I like the Sutran product and what they advertise online but I am not sure how they really work and worried about size issues(they do not accept returns based on size issues).

Have you ever tried their clothes or undershirts yourself, and any advice on the size thing? (online statements from others complain about how small the sutran products run even after proper measurements, one person also said the seams were pretty weak and the whole shirt felt heavy when sweating??)

If you know of any US products that work like Sutran that would be great too. I have tried Thompson Tees but they feel so wet even through they do a good job of keeping the outer garment dry.

Hyperhidrosis Shirts

heya troy,

i have tried the sutran undershirts not too long after they came out. here is an article with some of my initial thoughts:

the undershirts i tried are thicker, but that’s due to the two layers of fabric, in addition to a thin membrane that is in the middle. if you search my site for “sutran“, you’ll see some articles and within some of those articles there are comment threads that have feedback from other people.

the undershirts do fit true to size, though they are slightly shorter than i’m used to. i can’t speak to their other products, but the medium sized undershirt i received did fit fairly well.

as for other companies that make regular clothing for hyperhidrosis, the only two that i know of off-hand are:

  1. kleinerts (united states) – they make sweat-through resistant/proof undershirts and polos. they also offer a really strong antiperspirant
  2. freshmaxshirts (uk) – they make dress shirts with SmartWeave fabric that don’t show sweat marks (i haven’t heard anything about their product, but i know they exist)

have you ever tried using an extra strength antiperspirant like kleinerts dry body wipes or sweatblock??

maybe if you used something like that on your underarm area, coupled with a sweat-through resistant undershirt, might be the right combination of product to keep you feeling a bit more comfortable??

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  1. Troy


    Thank you for the post, I purchased a Black sutran polo, large from, I tried it on and it was too tight for a large. I had emailed sutran about size questions and basically was referred to measure myself. So, Amazon is allowing me to return it. I am currently trying Thompson Tee shirts. They work but the armpit area feels wet and moist most of the day, but no sweat so that’s a plus, I would like to try sweat shield shirts but the price is too high for one shirt. Still searching for a solution. I emailed freshmaxshirts with some questions but they never responded. I just want to say that I appreciate this site as it has helped me to find avenues to search.

    • my pleasure troy! that’s what i’m here for.

      i did find a seller on ebay selling off some non-branded freshmax shirts:

      i discovered that m&s in the uk used to sell them, so i’m thinking the ones this ebay seller is selling may be some of the ones that m&s used to sell. maybe some remaining inventory that they had in stock after deciding to discontinue it, and then removed the m&s labels.

      the freshmax and smartweave websites don’t appear to have been updated in a while, so maybe the company is not actively selling the shirts nor operating the business.

      i’ve sent emails out to the company and the ebay seller to see if i can learn more.

      i wonder if you waterproofed parts of your shirt, using the method below, if it would work:

      there’s another product called dry inside by nano-tex, that’s designed to keep the wearer feeling drier by forcing the moisture to the outer surface of the fabric more rapidly than it occurs naturally in polyester or even cotton.

      i think the problem with that is your outer garment will get wet more quickly, and generally speaking, i’ve found that people with heavy sweating want to minimize the amount of sweat that gets to their outer clothing. the think that they’re trying to avoid is visible wet spots.

      let’s see what we can come up with (:

      • Dean says:

        Hi Guys,

        We at SmartWeave are very much in business, and have a huge new range made from our best feeling & performing fabrics ever (all 100% cotton too!), you can buy at:

        We are also please to offer the visitors of this website a 15% discount. Just enter the following code at checkout: TUG15

        Enjoy the shirts!

        • Tug says:

          heya dean — thanks for stopping by and posting information about smartweave, and the tug15 discount.

          generally i prefer that brands don’t post comments promoting their products, because it sets a precedence for everyone to do that.

          i definitely know and have shared news about smartweave here on my site. if you use the search function, you’ll quickly find the articles. i’ve even tried out smartweave shirts and seen how the sweat-through prevention works, but sadly the arms on the shirts are way too long for me, so i really can’t wear the shirt on a regular basis.

          if you have any brand/product news to share, please be sure to email me directly, and if applicable, i’ll share with my readers/visitors.

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