In Search Of A Black Lightweight V-Neck Undershirt for Summertime in New York

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Man, can you believe is already mid April? Summertime is right around the corner and people are already preparing for the heat and looking for ways to stay cool.

Here’s an email from a New York-based reader looking for a pretty specific undershirt:

Hi Tug!

I just stumbledupon your site… It’s awesome, and you’re awesome. I had a question that I hope you can help me with.

I am currently creating a minimalistic wardrobe for summertime in New York. As you might know, it gets really humid here – and I sweat a lot. I want to purchase several lightweight black v-neck’s for the summer, but after reading a lot of reviews, I am not sure what to get (there are so many different material blends!).

I would use this v-neck underneath my dress shirts and to work out in. Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks, and keep rocking on.

I needed a bit more clarification on what V was looking for, so I sent him this reply:

heya v,

thanks for stopping by my site and sending in your question!

your question is bit tricky because there really aren’t any good daily-wear/active-wear cross over undershirts. to make matters a bit tougher, finding a black v-neck that does both well is very hard.

here’s the issue:

for dailywear, if you sweat a lot, you likely want to find an undershirt that doesn’t allow as much sweat through. nothing’s worse then sweating through to your outerwear and getting sweat marks on your outer shirt.

for activewear, you generally want something synthetic so that it stays lightweight and dries quickly.

i guess the question i have for you, is what is more important to you? also, do you find that you’re much hotter wearing undershirts than going without? if so, what black v-neck undershirts/shirts have you been wearing to date?

if you can answer the questions above, i should be able to help you find something (:

V’s reply

Hey Tug! Thanks for the super quick reply!

What’s most important for me is that I keep cool. I sweat a lot but I’ve found that having an undershirt keeps me cooler than not (and my shirt doesn’t get sweat marks).

I guess I will buy separate activewear and have black vneck undershirts I’ll wear. I currently wear white 100% cotton vnecks from Tommy Hilfiger. They’re okay, but a little heavy, especially on a hot summer day.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

Ps. You should create you’re own undershirt line ;-)

Lightweight Black V-Neck Undershirt Recommendations

heya v,

no problemo buddy — i was just catching up on emails and reader comments and had a couple extra minutes to respond to your email (:

you know, i think you have a good number of options, especially if you’re currently wearing 100% cotton undershirts from tommy hilfiger. 

since you’re in new york (and hopefully can get to manhattan easily), my first recommendation would be to stop by uniqlo and check out these two products:
Men Anti-Odor Dry Mesh V-Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt (2-pack)Men Dry Deodorant Mesh V-Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt (2-pack)

those both have a combination of poly and cotton, with the greater percentage of fabric content being poly, so they should be good for work out too. you might want to try out the first one first (mesh) because that type of fabric tends to be fairly light.

or or even the Uniqlo Men’s Airism V-Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt which is a lightweight poly/spandex blend v-neck undershirt that comes in many colors, including black.

if you wanted to venture off a bit more, you might want to check out the buck naked undershirt from sierra trading post:
Men’s Buck Naked V-Neck

that one is nylon and spandex, and has a cool diamond knit fabric (similar to the mesh above), so it should feel more natural on the skin than standard synthetics and perform honorably at the gym and in daily-wear.

the jockey 3d innovations undershirts are pretty nice:
3D Innovations High V-Neck Undershirt

Black V-Neck Undershirt from

Black V-Neck Undershirt from

they are cotton/spandex so they’re not the greatest undershirt for the gym, but they are a comfortable daily-wear undershirt. the two issues i see would be the v-neck is kinda high, so it would be visible under many outer shirts, and the spandex makes the shirt wear very close to the body, so there wouldn’t be any air flow between your skin and the inner surface of the undershirt, which is a factor in keeping you feeling comfortable in hotter weather.

your local target (if there is one close) might carry the hanes perfect-t in a black v-neck, and if they do, it’s a medium weight undershirt that has a decent fit.

there’s also a ton of other lighter weight black v-neck daily-wear undershirts like the ones from the gap, tommy john, ribbedtee, and a good handful of them available on sites like (headquartered in new york).

anyway, my recommendation would be to start at the top of this email with uniqlo, and work your way down the list. i’m 100% certain you’ll find something you love.

can you keep me posted and let me know what you wind up buying and what you think of it?

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  1. Jerry Debaun


    I have not tried Uniqlo, but love the Cool Cotton from Tommy John.

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