Armpit Armor Sweat Blocking Undershirt

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Newcomer Armpit Armor is looking to tackle the underarm sweat-blocking challenge.

Founded by David, some who himself struggles with severe underarm sweating, Armpit Armor combines the comfort of a Calvin Klein 100% Cotton Undershirt with protection of a sweat-through proof underarm pad barrier.

armpit-armor-close-upWhat Is Armpit Armor?

  • Website: (link)
  • Price: $49.97 + Free Shipping
  • An undershirt with a super thin layer of invisible sweat blocking material installed on the inside of the undershirt
  • Invisible – Sweat blocking material is on the inside of the undershirt, so no one will see it
  • Cooling – 100% cotton, so it won’t make you sweat more
  • Comfortable – You won’t feel the shirt or the sweat blocking material
  • Block & Absorb – Underarm sweat won’t get through to your clothes, it will be absorbed into the armor pad so it doesn’t drip

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  1. David says:

    Mango, this is David from armpit armor. Not sure if you’ll see this but I’ll leave a response here anyway :)

    I apologize about your husband’s experience with the shirt. I did communicate with him and gave a refund.

    It’s my fault. The version of the website your husband saw is linked to Tug’s review on this site. We have since updated the shirt and you’re right, it’s not invisible. We have made the sweat blocking layer much thinner and to do this it needs to be built into the shirt, not just inserted beneath the material, thus the stitching is visible.

    Thanks for your comments. I obviously need to do a better job explaining that the shirt has changed since this review :)

    Sorry again. And yes, your husband did tell me that the shirt didn’t work which is great feedback. We will, however, not change the shirt because it is sufficient for others and we want to maintain the thinness of the layer. For those that sweat way more, we have a very strong “money back and keep the shirt guarantee.”

    Thanks again Mango :)



    • Tug says:

      heya david, good to hear from you buddy!

      sorry, i’m a little confused. i just went to your site, and read this:

      “No, you’ll be wearing the shirt under your clothing but even if you were wearing the shirt by itself, the sweat blocking technology is super thin and built into the shirt – no one will see it.”

      are you making a distinction between “invisible” and “no one will see it” (a small nuance)?

      also, it sounds like you’ve changed the undershirt design? if so, how was the original shirt designed to make the pad truly invisible, compared to how it’s made now?

      • David


        Well Tug, you’re right. It was my mistake using the word invisible in the first place.

        It says on the site “discreet” so the thing you pointed out is not referring to it being “invisible”.

        You reviewed the shirt in very early stages of testing the idea, we hadn’t even had one customer and those that did click through to buy were told that the concept was still being tested.

        Once you did the review we just went with it .

        We’ve had no issues apart from Mango so I guess we thought the website was a fair description. But let me make some better changes :) thanks for pointing those things out.

        I’m not sure if you want to keep this review up Tug? The shirt is no longer a Calvin Klein as well.

        Anyway Tug, this is really my fault, thanks again for your help :)

        • Tug says:

          heya david,

          good to hear from you buddy!

          actually, i’ve never tried any version of your armpit armor undershirts, so i’ve never seen them first hand.

          i just provided information about the product based on what was on your website at the time of the writing, so my readers would know there is another option to consider.

          this isn’t a review, it’s just an information article that was written a little under a year ago. things change over time, and i assume the general public would be smart enough to know that, and make they’re own buying assessment based on the current information on your website, at the time of their purchase.

          if you’d like me to consider writing an update article about armpit armor, feel free to get in contact with me and we’ll arrange to get an actual sample of your product that i can review.


  2. Mango


    My husband ordered one of these because it was advertised as having “invisible” technology in the armpits.

    The website states that you can wear the t-shirt on its own and no one will be able to tell.

    That is not the case.

    The shirt my husband received most definitely has noticeable sections sewn into the armpits.

    If you’re looking for “invisible” technology then avoid this shirt.

    • Tug says:

      hey mango, thanks so much for update.

      if you’re looking for some undershirts that are sweat-mark resistant (preventing sweat through) and don’t use patches in the underarm, you should check out:

      1. sutran
      2. nanodri
      3. tbd – new offering coming soon

      you can either google them, or search my site to learn more about 1 & 2.

      #3 is still in development and i’m not able to share more about it quite yet.

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