Antiperspirant Makes You Sweat More

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This isn’t the case for me, but wanted to share an email from a reader who said using antiperspirant actually made him sweat more.

Hi Tug,

I like your site and will be using it to find the perfect lightweight XL pajama shirt.

However I noticed a lot of guys are having sweating issues, I used to be one of them, I had to bring extra shirts with me wherever I went, until I made 4 changes in my life.

  1. I changed the soap I shower with (I used to use Dove and Old Spice body wash).
  2. I wash only the “sweatiest areas” with an exfoliating cloth/loofah and my face/ears.
  3. I stopped using antiperspirant and “drug store deodorant” (no Old Spice, Right Guard, Adidas, Axe, etc.)
  4. I trim my body hair regularly with an adjustable electric shaver.

You see everything you get at the drug store clogs pores and tries to stop a lot of sweat from coming out, but what happens is that when it wears off – you sweat more.

It’s like putting a band-aid on a crack on the hoover dam, eventually it’s all going to start coming out and fast. We have to sweat, we can just do it in less quantities.


First thing, the soap you use.

grandpas-shea-butter-soapSwitch to natural soaps with ingredients you understand. I like Shea butter Grandpa Soap a lot. Even “Dove” contains tons of chemicals, remember they are owned by Clorox (I know they have nice commercials but they also want to make a profit).

Also avoid “Sodium laureth sulfate”, “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” and “propylene glycol” in everything, these first two are foaming agents used in car washes.

Also, natural soaps clean better and smell much better, they are about one or two dollars more but worth it. You can get them online or in special “natural” sections of stores. It will change how you sweat.

Secondly, our bodies have natural lipids that clean itself, but when we use body washes or soap up out entire body we kill off these natural cleaning agents, this causes our skin to dry out.

You can learn more about this from the episode:”Adam Ruins Everything” Adam Ruins Hygiene. When washing just focus on the “crevices” (groin, under arms, ears etc.) of our bodies.

Thirdly, after my body adjusted in about a week or two, I was noticing that most days I didn’t need deodorant (or antiperspirant), I was shocked. I now almost never need deodorant.

In the summer or in the winter (when I have on layers) I lightly use some crystal rock deodorant spray I got at Bed Bath and Beyond, or I have tried other natural deodorants. Just look up any big words in the ingredients first — “natural” isn’t always natural. Also avoid rock deodorant and roll-ons because the can get bacteria.

You won’t believe it until you try it.

Lastly, I adjusted my shaver to the second closest setting and trimmed all my body hair. This allows the natural soap and natural deodorant to actually reach the skin and do their job. Even though I almost never use deodorant now.

Please try this out before you just apply dangerous ineffective chemicals to your body and body hair.

Here is an article about other problems with antiperspirant:

Does Antiperspirant Make You Sweat More?

I did a quick G search (link), and it looks like others are having the exact same issue.

What about you? If using antiperspirant makes you sweat more, tell me all about in the comments section below and let me know what you did to address it.

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  1. Fred


    I used to use antiperspirant – all it ever used to do was stain my shirts, and cause my armpits to break out into a rash. I’m so glad that I stopped using antiperspirant; I now use deodorant, and my life is much better for it.

  2. Victor


    I agree that modern antiperspirants do more harm than good.

    Not only do you sweat more when it starts wearing off, but it alters the type of bacteria that grow on your skin, so you actually are more smelly. I have a similar approach to body odor as your original reader.

    I use natural soaps – for me, this is plain-Jane lye soap, which I have found is actually good for my skin. For deodorant, I alternate between rock crystals and Primal Pit Paste, which has baking soda and coconut oil and just a few other natural ingredients.

    It takes a week or two for your body to adjust to using natural deodorants, but I found that after the changes I tend to perspire less and my natural products actually keep B.O. at bay.

    I still sweat… but sweat is natural and trying to block it off completely with chemical compounds is the unnatural approach.

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