Anti-Wicking Underwear

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Do you need underwear that prevents sweat through? Check this out.

anti-wicking-underwearHey Tug,

Came across your site by mistake but wanted to give you more suggestions for the compensatory sweating writer.

Sutran a company out of Spain is selling clothing that is extraordinary in hiding the sweat.

I have not found anything for the lower area such as under wear that works.

Even Surtrans is not good for me.

Any thoughts?


Anti-Wicking Underwear (Prevents Sweat Through)

So, a quick clarification.

The reason I referred to this as anti-wicking, is because “wicking” means to transfer or distribute moisture to the outer side of fabric, so it can come into contact with air to dry.

If you want to prevent sweat-through, then I’d personally call that anti-wicking.

Here’s my response to Rob:

tug-in-jeans-8a.pngheya rob,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

yes, i’m very familiar with sutran, and i’ve written about that brand several time over the years.

for compensatory sweating (back, chest, stomach), the two most notable undershirts is sutran and nanodri, from my experience.

there are many more products available for underarm sweating protection, but not for compensatory sweating.

i haven’t yet come across any underwear other than sutran, that are designed to prevent sweat through in an effective manner.

i know sutran underwear worked for one of my other readers, but i haven’t heard from anyone else about them.

if you’re sweating on your bottom/back side, maybe adding some adhesive sweat pads (link) to the equation will help prevent sweat through.

or you may want to consider lining your pants with an absorbing fabric that will act as an additional barrier between your underwear and the outer side of your pants.

hope the above helps buddy!

keep me posted on your search (:

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  1. Tim Shaw says:

    Hi Rob

    Here at Sweatshield Undershirts we have spent many months developing a new range of products. One of those products is Sweat Proof Boxer shorts and we expect to release them for sale in October/November.

    I have tried Sutran boxer shorts and agree they do not work. Here is the problem and why the Sutrans do not work: You Must have an impenetrable water proof barrier within the boxer shorts. Sutran use 2 layers of extremely thick fabric but it is still not enough.

    The reason it is not enough is because you are sitting on your behind all day long and it puts pressure on your sweating buttocks and thighs and the fabric of your trousers. This sweating and pressure means sweat will always eventually break through to your outer garments UNLESS you have a completely impenetrable sweat proof barrier.

    The boxer shorts we have developed do have a 100% sweat proof (yet breathable) barrier and are extra long so they offer full groin, buttock and thigh protection even when you are sitting all day. The protection extends all the way down the thighs almost to the knees. This is crucial as your boxer shorts ride up your thigh when you sit down and so you need that extra length to offer full protection.

    They are made of ultra soft micro-modal fabric and are easily as comfortable as the top range Calvin Klein boxer shorts so there is no compromise between comfort and effectiveness.

    The reason Sweat Shield Boxer Shorts are so good is because I myself am the perfect guineau pig as I have extremely excessive sweating on the back of my thighs and buttocks (as well as Axillary Hyperhidrosis) . Unless the designer of these type of products actually suffers from the problem they are trying to solve then I doubt they could ever come up with a truly effective solution.

    That is the difference with Sweat Shield. Every day I live and breath the problem we are trying to solve. And I doubt anyone has a bigger sweating problem than me.

    We look forward to launching these soon and we know they will be a hit with our customers.

    • Tug says:

      heya tim!

      good to hear from you and thanks for sharing news about the upcoming launch of your sweat-through proof underwear.

      can’t wait to see/learn more about that product.

      you mentioned a “new range of products”?

      if you’re willing, please let me know about them either here in the comments section, or send me an email with the deets!

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