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A long while back I wrote about a super-thin Indian made undershirt a reader was in search for.

Well earlier this year another reader, Nicholas, popped by and asked if I had discovered anything similar (except without the worn out holes).

I have come across a small handful of thin cool undershirts, but nothing exactly like the Made in India wafer-thin undershirt pictured in that article above.

Well Nicholas kept searching, and emailed me back recently to let me know about an undershirt he found, called the Airy Tee.

Hi Tug

Hope you’re well. Remember we had a conversation about Indian undershirts earlier this year?

Well I’ve found what I was looking for and thought you might be interested!

It’s a small Swedish supplier who have designed their own version of the Indian undershirt I was looking for. Wearing it as I write this and must say I’m very happy!

Take a look at their website. There are some additional models to the deep necked one I was looking for:

Airy Tee (link)

Keep up the good work!


Airy Tee Undershirt Details

  • Site: AiryTee.com (link)
  • Style #1: Just Airy (wide & deep neck, mesh)
  • Style #2: Airy Hybrid (top like a crew neck, rest of body mesh)
  • Colors: White & Black
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton, Mesh
  • Price: 199 SEK ($23.20 USD)

Airy Tee Photos


Not Like The Indian Undershirt?

I wrote Nic back because I didn’t think the Airy Tee resembled the Indian undershirt he originally emailed me about.

tug-in-jeans-8a.pnghey nic,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for letting me know about airy tee!

interesting product for sure, but that doesn’t really look like the original indian undershirt i wrote about. it was more like a gauze weave fabric moreso than a mesh undershirt.

in fact, if i would’ve known that was what you were looking for, i would have referred you to sites like undergear.com, gosoftwear.com, or even andrew christiansen as those brands may have open mesh undershirts like that. i’m pretty sure they have underwear like that, so i would expect they have undershirts too, but i haven’t looked yet.

just my opinion — i believe most guys here in the united states would not wear that as a daily-wear undershirt, mostly because it’s a little strange looking (to us) when you take it off.

heck, if many guys won’t wear nude-color undershirts, i doubt they’d wear an open mesh undershirt like that (:

that said, i’m happy to hear you found an undershirt that you love.

i can see how there is some value in an undershirt like that because even if it doesn’t absorb much sweat, the mesh framework creates a barrier between your body and your over clothes (shirt/upper pants) that should help keep from getting some sweat and body oils on your outer clothes.

plus, the air holes will definitely keep you cool.

Nic emailed me back and said he wasn’t really looking for a mesh undershirt, but rather one with an undershirts with an invisible low scoop neck.

I emailed him back with some additional suggestions:

tug-in-jeans-8a.pngheya nic,

i took another look at that airy tee, and see what you mean about that lower neck line.

i think the only similarity is that the undershirt in that original article (indian undershirt) was basically a thin crew neck undershirt that was torn to threads. the original collar line does not appear to be too deep, but deeper than some other crew necks i’ve seen.

if you’re looking for other undershirts that have a low collar like like that, you should search my site for “scoop” and see what comes up. the main brand that offers a deep scoop like that is collected threads (link), but there are others.

if you’re looking for a lightweight undershirt, with a looser weave like the indian undershirt, then you should look at shirtless undershirts (link). the brand does not have a scoop neck, but it does offer a deep v-neck. plus it’s 100% pima cotton.

outside of that, i’m happy you found and are happy with the airy tee (:

Nic wound up buying some Collected Threads undershirts, and was pretty tickled that shipping was only $9 to Europe (Sweden).

Thanks to Nic for letting me know about Airy Tee!


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