Styling In My 2(X)IST Tartan Collection Henley and Boxer Briefs

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A short while ago, the folks from 2(X)ist reached out to me to introduce their new Tartan Collection:

Reaching out as 2(X)IST recently launched a new collection of seasonal appropriate boot socks as well as a holiday themed long underwear collection in Tartan print.

We’d love to send you a pair of socks and a set from the Tartan collection if you’d be interested in reviewing them.

Since I live in a warmer climate (sorry to those folks who are getting pummeled with bad weather right now), I decided against requesting long johns. Instead, I thought I’d request the following:

2(X)ist wound up sending everything, which was incredibly generous of them!

tartan-long-sleeve-henley-croppedWhile this isn’t going to be an official review, I’ll tell you some of my thoughts about the items I received.

TARTAN Long-Sleeve Henley

  • Great look and nice styling – I wore the Henley as my base layer under a long sleeve button up shirt. Stylistically, I liked how the Henley layered under my shirt. Plus, since the sleeves on the Henley were a little long for my arm length, I was able to fold the sleeve cuffs over my button-up’s long sleeves, and it added a cool contrast to my cuff-line
  • Lightweight – I am usually sensitive to heat as it pertains to layering clothes. This is the very reason I wore tank tops more often this past summer than I had in the past. Now that we’re in the cooler months, I’ve transitioned into my short sleeve undershirts, so I was a little worried that a long sleeve undershirt would make me a little too warm. The great news was that it didn’t and I felt extremely comfortable from a temperature perspective
  • Thin, but not too thin – Bulky base layers can be a nightmare when it comes to tucking in and it can also cause outerwear to feel more tight-fitting. I didn’t experience either with this Henley, so it was great
  • Only nit: The sleeves are too long for my arm length

tartan-no-show-trunk-cleanTARTAN No-Show Trunk

  • I’m not normally a fan of low-rise boxer briefs, mostly because I don’t have the physique of a Greek God and I feel silly wearing them. But these boxer briefs are surprisingly not as low as I originally expected, so they fit and looked pretty good on me
  • My two biggest issues with underwear fit are 1) waistband that fits too tight, 2) legs that are too tight or too loose. I normally wear a size Large boxer, so since these seemed like they’d run a little small, I requested a size XL. I’m sure glad I did, because these No-Show Trunks in size XL fit me really well. The waist band is just tight enough to keep my boxers from falling off, but not too tight to make my love handles worse then they already are
  • This sizing thing got me thinking about how underwear is sized. I normally wear size 34-35 waist in pants. Because of this, I’ve always purchased size large underwear (34-36). Some fit good, but others are just way too tight. I measured my actual waist size, and and found it was not actually 34-35″ — it was bigger.  So now I’m curious of exactly how underwear makers determine how to size the waist circumference of their underwear. If someone really knows, please enlighten me.
  • Because I like the fit so much, these guys are going into my coveted underwear drawer and be cycled into my normal rotation
  • Only nit: Maybe the length of the legs – I think I’d like them a little longer

2xist-mens-marled-boot-sockMen’s WEEKENDER Marled Boot Sock

  • Extremely nice looking pair of socks. From a style/look point of view, I am really impressed with the design of these flex-colored socks
  • Fabric feels kinda like wool – plush – really soft – and cozy to wear
  • Fit is good, but the heal doesn’t fit as squarely as I would like it to
  • Main nit: They did not stay up during daily-wear

All-in-all, I’m very happy with the items I received. The Henley and No-Show Trunk are going into my drawers and regular wearing rotation. While I love the feel of the socks, I might just wear them around the house because they are so comfortable and I don’t care if they stay up while I’m lounging at home.

Oh, I think they’d make a really nice Christmas gift too. Thanks to 2(X)ist for sending over these samples!

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