20+ Made in USA Men’s Underwear Brands

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I just learned that Wickers.com has closed up shop.

Here’s the email exchange I had with a reader that helped me learn about their closing, and encouraged me to explore other Made in USA Men’s underwear brands.

Seems that the wickers brand has closed up shop.

I found them while searching for a good quality made in the USA undergarment, as the Hanes products were wearing out in 6 months or less.

Now I have been using Wicker’s for several years now….recently decided to migrate from briefs to boxers, wickers website first said down for maintenance while they rework their product line.

More recently it just says that they are closed up for good.

I was very happy with the Wickers product and they were made in the USA.

I found your website while searching more about them to possibly find out what happened and what my alternates are. (other than buying and replacing hanes brand every 6 to 9 months.)

– Jeff

Made in USA Men’s Underwear

heya jeff,

good to hear from you buddy! thanks for stopping by and sending in your question.

i had not heard about wickers closing shop, but after receiving your email i did a little outreach to see if i could get any info on it.

come to find out, the reason wickers closed is pretty much because the founder decided to retire and didn’t want to have the effort of maintaining the brand.

all of the gear they had has been cleared out to partners, so you still may be able to find some remaining on sites like sierra trading post (link).


if you’re looking specifically at companies who make their underwear in the states, here’s a list of 20 made in usa men’s underwear brands:

  1. flint & tinder – their stuff is now sold at huckberry.com
  2. campbellsville apparel company – briefs – sold at www.camapp.com
  3. ribbedtee – boxer briefs, new stuff coming – sold at ribbedtee.com
  4. american apparel – various – sold at americanapparel.com
  5. kings underwear – various – sold at kingsunderwear.com
  6. union house – various – sold at unionlabel.com
  7. hard hat – various – sold at unionlabel.com
  8. carhatt – boxer & boxer brief – sold at carhatt.com
  9. bgreen apparel – various – sold at bgreenapparel.com
  10. ramblers way – boxers – sold at ramblersway.com
  11. blade and blue – slim cut boxers – sold at bladeandblue.com
  12. special delivery nyc – various – sold at shop.specialdeliverynyc.com
  13. rei underwear – various – sold at rei.com (and in stores)
  14. mr and muse – boxer briefs – sold at mrandmuse.com
  15. boxercraft – boxers – sold at boxercraft.com
  16. jp mucklestone – boxer briefs – sold at jpmucklestone.com

— more risque made in usa mens underwear brands

  1. gosoftwear – exotic mens underwear – sold at gosoftwear.com
  2. n2n – exotic mens underwear – sold at www.n2nbodywear.com
  3. male power – exotic underwear – malepower.com
  4. ruff skin – exotic mens underwear – rufskin.com
  5. freedom reigns – various – sold at freedom-reigns.com

* Check out my Made in USA Undershirts & T-Shirts article that has additional brands.

i can’t really say whether or not any of the above brands will offer something similar to what you purchased at wickers.com, but you can poke around their sites to see if something looks interesting.

my current faves are not made in the usa, but i’m in the process of trying some that are, so i’ll know soon how they fit & feel.

in the meantime, you may want to check out this link, which will pull up other articles on my site related to men’s underwear.

there’s some good stuff there too (:

hope the above info helps out!!


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  1. Raymond


    Just ordered three pairs of Andrew Christian (AC) underwear (to replace my old ones) and was sickened to find that they’re now “Made in Thailand.” Being “Made in U.S.A.” is important to me and one of the main selling points I consider before choosing to purchase an item. I will no longer be giving them my business. Please remove them from your list. Thank you.

    • Tug says:

      heya raymond,

      thanks so much for letting me know about andrew christian underwear production being moved overseas.

      it’s crazy, because i know they were so proud of having their products made in los angeles at one point.

      are you looking for made in the usa briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, or boxers?

      any other made in usa brands of underwear you really like?

  2. Thad


    I’m a big Wickers fan and feel lost now that they’re gone. I’ve been wearing their boxers and under shirts for over 10 years. I haven’t been able to find anything comparable to this point. I like to hear if anyone has suggestions.


    • Tug says:

      heya thad, what were the key things about the wickers underwear that you liked?

      please list all the characteristics so that i can figure out which products meet most of your criteria.

      did you buy their boxer briefs, or were they boxers?

      • Jon


        I, too feel sad that Wickers is gone. I always looked forward to their fall sales email where I can stock up on undergarments! I switched all of my underwear to Wickers about 7 years ago because of its moisture wicking properties, it kept me comfortable in hot or cold weather. If you can find another company that produces a similar moisture wicking, high quality and made in USA underwear (or boxer/boxer briefs, etc.) that would be much appreciated!

        • Tug says:

          hey jon, thanks for stopping by! just keep an eye out here on my site for any new announcements.

          in addition, you should checkout the sites listed in this article to see if they have anything that meets your needs.

          if you find something you really like, be sure to come back here and let me know about it (:



    Thanks for supporting made in USA products. We really appreciate the shout out.

    Love the site by the way.

    Blade + Blue

  4. Connie says:

    It’s vital we support industry at home, especially these days – thanks for this list!

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