2 Reasons Why Undershirts Make Great Christmas Gifts

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A while back, I received the following question on Twitter:

Undershirts As Christmas Gifts

I responded to @Surgeo with the following:

it’s totally cool to give undershirts as a gift. couple things to consider though…

#1 – buy an undershirt with a back story or that’s unique > good for just about any guy

#2 – value priced undershirts are great too, for those giftees that are more prudent or practical (:

Why Undershirts Make Great Christmas Gifts

My response to @Surgeo was more about offering advice of WHAT to think about when buying an undershirt as a Christmas gift (or holiday/birthday).

But, I started thinking about WHY an undershirt would make a good Christmas or Birthday gift, and I came up with these Top Two reasons.

A properly designed and fitting undershirt will make the wearer:

  1. Feel better & more confident
  2. Look better

A “Proper” Undershirt

In a nutshell, when I say “proper” undershirt, I mean a men’s under-top that was specially designed to be an undershirt, and not a t-shirt.

What’s the difference you ask?

You can get a more detailed explanation in this article about the differences between undershirts and t-shirts, but in a nutshell, an undershirt is going to be thinner/lighter, longer, have shorter sleeves, and be more close fitting than a t-shirt.

Also, the v-neck depth on an undershirt normally should be deeper, and the crew neck collar on an undershirt normally should be higher.

V-Neck T-Shirt Example

V-Neck Undershirt Example

If you’re wearing a t-shirt as an undershirt, or if you’re wearing an undershirt that is not thoughtfully or properly designed, you’re missing out.

Think of it this way. You wouldn’t wear dress shoes to run a marathon, now would you?

Then why on earth are you trying to wear something that wasn’t designed to be an undershirt as an undershirt? The short answer is that you shouldn’t be.

#1 – Undershirts Make You Feel Better & More Confident

I could probably blather on about this point specifically for a whole day, but let’s take a couple of simple examples.


Unless you’re one of the few fortunate fellas that don’t sweat, the fact is there is a good possibility that you’ll get sweat marks on your dress or outside shirts at some point.

I don’t know about you, but unless I’m in a situation where sweating is expected, like at the gym, if I’ve got visible sweat marks on my shirts, I feel self-conscious and a little embarrassed. This normally leads to feeling less confident.

If I can avoid this by wearing an undershirt, why wouldn’t at least strongly consider it?

Comfort Layer

Let’s face it, not all shirts are created with comfort in mind.

Take for example some woven Oxford and Dress Shirts, or even some Polos.  The combination of fabric weave and some yarns can result in a rather itchy or chafing-type of fabric surface.

Why would I knowingly want to go around all day wearing something that felt like sandpaper on my skin, just for style/fashion sake?

With a nice thin comfort layer in between me and my shirt, I’m a happy camper.

#2 – Undershirts Make You Look Better

Now remember, when I say “Undershirt”, I mean a PROPER Undershirt (see above).

Fact is, if you’re wearing a properly designed undershirt, it can and will provide a smoothing layer that will allow your regular shirt to drape more effortlessly and as a result, it’ll look better on you.

That smoothing layer is not necessarily meant to imply it’s fitted or shaping undershirt either.

It just means that a thin undershirt layer can mat down your chest hair, nipples, or any other protruding anomaly you may have, and allows your shirt to hang beautifully and obstacle-free.

Also, when you look better, you’ll also feel better & more confident too (see above).

Undershirts As Christmas Presents – A Great Idea

If you have the power to help someone you love look and feel better, wouldn’t you want to?

It may sound silly, but by taking the time and tracking down a proper undershirt, you may just be giving your husband, boyfriend, son, father, or special person in your life one of the most delightful (and practical) gifts they could get.

If you’re looking for some great undershirt-as-a-gift options, I’d recommend checking out my Favorite Undershirts page.

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  1. Fred


    I’d buy some as stocking stuffers … great reasoning about their suitability for Xmas though!

  2. Chad says:

    Smoothing effect … never thought of it that way. Thanks for enlightening me on this benefit of undershirts … though I think I’ll gift one to myself instead!

    • Tug says:

      heya chris! yup, you’ll get a little smoothing effect from certain fitted undershirts (:

      they’ll make you feel better, and more confident in your clothes.

  3. Tom


    I second the comments regarding tee shirts versus undershirts. I think you made the differences clear and concise.

    Similarly, I hate it when athletic undershirts, wife-beaters, tank undershirts, etc. are simply referred to as “tank tops”. There is a difference.

    As for Christmas presents, leave me off that list. I am way too picky to leave the selection up to someone else.

    • Tug says:

      hey tom!

      thanks so much for your thoughts and for the compliment on the comparison i made between the too.

      i agree, there is a big difference between a “tank top” and an a-shirt or “tank top undershirt”, and maybe one day i’ll write an article about their differences as well.

      on the christmas present-front, you can always “hint” to the gift givers of the brands you favor (;

      happy holidays buddy!

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